I get this question a lot.  I know it’s tempting to buy your skin care products at the drugstore.  It seems more convenient. You can grab them while you’re out shopping AND maybe even catch a sale.  

I totally get it. I’m a sucker for a good deal myself, BUT, trust me, this convenience will come at a cost and I’m not talking about money.  

Read the Ingredient List on Those Drugstore Products

First off, have you ever read the ingredient list on skin care products at the drugstore?  I bet the answer is no. And if you did actually take the time to read the list, you probably found words you can’t even pronounce let alone know what they do.

This means you could be: 

  • Putting harsh chemicals on your skin
  • Using products with ineffective ingredients
  • Slathering your skin with products that are mostly fillers, not active, high-quality ingredients  

The skin care products you use should be picked with intention, not because they are on sale. 

Damaging Ingredients

Aside from being ineffective, when you don’t know what to look for on the ingredient list, you may be buying products that are inadvertently damaging your skin.  I’ve seen skin care products from the drugstore clog pores, cause breakouts, dry out client’s skin and so much more! 

So…now you bought a $7.99 skin care product that was on sale BUT it caused so many issues you have to come see me for a $100 skin care treatment to correct it.  Remember when I said this convenience would come at a cost? Here it is. 

Pick Your Skin Care Products with Intention

Here’s the deal. I pick products for you with intention.  I evaluate your skin and talk with you about your skin care goals.  Then I carefully select products that are going to help you work towards those goals.  

All of my products are carefully selected from professional skin care companies that ONLY sell to professionals.  I evaluate each and every product that comes in to my studio to make sure it’s A, effective, B, safe and C, a good value.  I know how to read ingredient lists and if a product contains harsh ingredients, fillers and is a pore clogging nightmare…you won’t see it at my studio. 

I don’t stop there though.  I like to see how your skin reacts to products.  So, I will actually put the products on your skin and see how it goes, then adjust my recommendations from there.  After you use the products for a while, if something isn’t working, I’m here to help you adjust your regime.  

You aren’t going to get that kind of skin care strategy in Target honey! 

A Temptation You Should Avoid

Just like that piece of chocolate cake, avoid the urge to buy skin care products at the drugstore!  While they might seem like a good deal up front AND you might enjoy the convenience of being able to grab them on the go, trust me…you will pay for using those products in one way or another and it will most likely be in the form of corrective skin care treatments at Avila Skin Studio.  

Instead of being reactive, let’s be proactive about your skin care.  Come in for a service and let me analyze your skin. From there I can make recommendations on the in-studio treatments and at-home skin care products you need to reach your skin care goals!

Questions?  Contact me.