Let’s talk holiday gifts.  There is always that ONE person on your list that is tough to buy for.  You know the one.  You want to get them something A-MAZING but they have everything and want nothing.  Ugh.  The solution…treat them to an OxyGeneo facial at Avila Skin Studio.

An OxyGeneo facial would make the perfect gift for:

Young Adults with AcneGifting an OxyGeneo Facial

For the young adult that’s just finishing college or starting their career, acne can really impact their confidence as they try to find their place in the working world.   OxyGeneo would be the perfect gift to help improve their skin and boost their confidence!  Because it’s not called an “Acne Facial” or an acne treatment, you can gift this service without them even realizing it will help with their acne!

Using a Balance OxyPod I can detoxify and balance oily skin revealing a more even skin tone clear of impurities.  The Balance OxyPod is specially formulated with natural ingredients like Bamboo Charcoal, that attracts and absorbs dirt, oil, and pollutants while gently removing dull, dead skin cells!  The Balance OxyPod is packed with powerful ingredients.  You can read more here.  An OxyGeneo facial would be the perfect gift for any adult struggling with acne that’s been looking for a solution.

New Moms

When you think of giving a new mom a facial, you probably think of doing that for the relaxation aspect of it! That’s definitely a great reason but also keep in mind that many new mom’s experience changes to their skin during and after pregnancy.  Hormones changing along with stress, lack of sleep and more can cause mom’s skin to change.  Sometimes it can take months to return to normal.  A customized OxyGeneo facial is a great way to treat the new mom in your life and help her start the process of returning her skin to its pre-baby glory.

Note:  I do not recommend this service for nursing moms.  If you give this as a gift to a new mom, I suggest they hang on to their gift until they have stopped nursing to come in.

Aging Parents

Our parents can be the toughest people to buy for!  If they are anything like mine, they don’t tell you what they want and they are at a point in their lives where they don’t want more “stuff” hanging around the house.  So, skip the urge to buy mom that bread maker you’ve been eyeing.  She’s not going to use it and it’s going to clog up her cupboard.  Instead, get her an OxyGeneo facial.

OxyGeneo is the perfect facial to target fine lines and wrinkles that often appear on aging skin.  Using a Revive OxyPod, we can dial in on those unwanted signs of aging.  Mom will leave with youthful skin she can be proud of!

The Former Sun Lover

Do you have a beach going bestie that enjoys the sun a little too much? If they’ve started noticing the impact that over exposure to the sun has on skin, like hyperpigmentation, sun spots, fine lines and wrinkles, an OxyGeneo facial is the perfect way to help them start reversing some of those imperfections.

For someone with sun damage, I’d likely use the Illuminate OxyPod.  Again, because this facial is customized in a discreet way, you can gift it without having to say “hey I see all those brown spots on your face, let’s work on those, here’s a gift card to see Amy at Avila Skin Studio 😂.”

Anyone Who Loves The Beauty Industry

The OxyGeneo facial can be gifted and customized to target just about any skin care concern. If you know someone who doesn’t have a specific skin issue, the OxyGeneo still makes a great gift.  Because the service is so versatile, anyone who loves having beautiful skin will enjoy it and you’ll win best gift of the season!

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