For best results, you should never stop sugaring!  However, if you do start and stop, NOW is the time to start sugaring again (right after the first of the year) for spring! The best results are achieved over time. Sure, after one visit you’ll be hair free and smoother in all right places, BUT when you start sugaring now for spring, by the time the warm weather arrives you’ll enjoy:

  • Less painful hair removal treatments.
  • Less re-growth.
  • Less in grown hairs.

Preparing for Your Sugaring Appointment

Let your hair grow – This is another reason why it’s great to start sugaring for spring in the winter.  It’s best to let your grow about ¼ inch long, about the length of a grain of rice, just before your appointment.  During the winter, you’re more covered up so letting your hair grow a bit isn’t that big of a deal!

Exfoliate – A few days before your appointment, I recommend doing a good thorough exfoliation on your skin, especially the areas you’re getting sugared.  It is best to use a sugar scrub (save some money and use table sugar 😉).  If you aren’t sure what to use or how to do this, feel free to contact me.

Avoid tanning – Another reason to start now is that I recommend you avoid direct sun exposure for a day or two following your appointment.  I will always suggest you use SPF and re-apply when needed, but giving your skin a day to recoup is best.  You should also avoid applying sunless tanner prior to your service as it will most likely be removed by the sugar!

What to Expect the Day of Your Sugaring Appointment

Sugaring is a relatively easy, peasy process.  The day of your appointment, arrive to your appointment 15 minutes before your scheduled time to make sure that you have your paperwork filled out and that there is time for me to answer any questions you have. I’ll have you come in, undress (if needed for your service) and make yourself comfortable in my treatment room.  If you have any preferences, mention them at the start of your appointment.

I’ll begin by cleansing the area we’re sugaring and dusting a light powder to reduce any damp areas from the cleansing.  Sugar will not stick to damp hair, so this powder is a key in successful sugaring. I’ll apply the sugaring paste, then lightly tug it in the direction of growth (opposite of waxing) to remove the hair. After your sugaring is complete, I’ll apply an aloe based soothing gel to hydrate and soothe the treated area.

After Your Sugaring Appointment

After your appointment there isn’t much to do besides enjoy a hair free life!  I do recommend you continue to exfoliate daily and keep the area hydrated.  You should also schedule your next appointment in 3-5 weeks.  If we keep up with your sugaring appointments, by the time spring arrives you’ll likely be able to come in for sugaring once a month AND your hair will grow back slower over time.

Answers to Your FAQs

What areas can be sugared?

I can do it all!  From your face to the bikini area (yes Brazilians too), all the way down to your toes!  Legs can also be sugared however; at this time I am not offering leg sugaring.  For a full list of sugaring services and pricing, click here. 

Do you sugar men as well?

You bet!  I take care of that unwanted back hair, chest and even hands or feet!  I do not offer sugaring on the intimate area on men.

Does sugaring hurt?

I mean, I’m pulling hair out of the follicle, so yes, there is a little discomfort with sugaring.  That said, it’s far less painful than waxing.  I’m not using hot wax, so the process itself is more gentle and less painful in general.   The level of pain you experience is largely subjective.  Some clients tolerate procedures like this well and don’t bat an eye during their sugaring appointment, while others experience more discomfort.  Again, if you keep up with your sugaring, over time, the process will be less and less uncomfortable.

How long does sugaring last?

Most clients get anywhere from 2-3 weeks hair free out of a sugaring appointment and at that point the hair will start to slowly grow back.  This largely depends on how quickly your hair grows, the area that is sugared and how often you’re coming in for services.

Is there anyone that shouldn’t get sugared?

Sugaring is fairly safe.  If you’re taking some antibiotics, hormone replacement medication, hormonal birth control, or using a vitamin A derivative like retinoids, talk with your doctor before coming in and make sure you mention it to me.  Also, if you’re pregnant, let’s talk about that too.  During pregnancy, your skin can change and become more sensitive so we need to make sure we don’t do anything to aggravate it.

The only time I say you definitely shouldn’t get sugared is if you’re sunburned or using a medication that is contraindicated like Accutane.  I treat sunburned skin the same I’d treat an open wound.  I would recommend waiting a week for the sunburn to heal.  If it’s on your face, I may have a facial treatment that can help promote the healing process, so be sure to ask if you have questions.

So what are you waiting for?  Get started on sugaring for spring now and be silky, smooth by the time warm weather arrives.  Get on the schedule!