Yes, I’m open again, however, there are A LOT of people trying to get in.  Right now, I’m booking into September for facials and I’m fitting in as many sugaring clients as possible.  If you haven’t booked your appointment, now is the time to get on the schedule.  If you can’t get the day/time you want, get on my wait list and I will contact you if I have a last-minute opening!  In the meantime, here’s what you can be doing at home to continue or start your skin care journey, take care of your lashes and hair removal needs.

At-Home Skin Care

I’ve heard from a number of clients that they “let themselves go” while they’ve been home.  Sound familiar?  It’s ok, but it’s time to get back on track.

As I mentioned when I first closed for COVID your skin care routine shouldn’t change because you are home.  Sticking to your regular regime, cleansing twice per day and applying all your regular products, is the best way to continue your skin care at-home until you can get into the studio for your regular facial services.

If you are running low on products or your skin has changed since I last seen you, call me!  I’m happy to make product recommendations and help you find the right combination of at-home products to get your skin back on track.  Things are opening and hopefully we’ll resume some form of “normalcy” soon, make sure your skin is ready!

At-Home Lash Lifts

I can’t completely mimic a lash lift at-home.  However, if you’re anxious to get in for a lash lift, you can start strengthening your lashes at home to get them ready for your next lash lift appointment.  I offer a product called GrandeLash.  I’ve been using it on myself and the results are fabulous! GrandeLash

GrandeLash is an award-winning serum that is packed with vitamins, peptides and amino acids!  Not only does this product help strengthen your lashes but it improves their appearance until I can get you in for an actual lash lift.  When you use GrandeLash your lashes will look naturally longer and thicker!

If you’re interested in getting GrandeLash, contact me!  It’s $65 and I can ship it to your house!

 At-Home Hair Removal

I’d love to tell you to wait to see me for your hair removal BUT I don’t expect you to walk around with hair in the wrong places until you can get on the schedule for a sugaring appointment.  So, if you need to shave, I totally understand but make sure you continue to exfoliate and hydrate your skin.  If you can keep up with exfoliating and hydrating at-home, it will make your next sugaring appointment easier and your results will last longer.

Exfoliating at-home can be tricky.  You don’t want to over exfoliate and dry your skin.  If you need recommendations or products to use at-home for exfoliating, contact me.  I’m happy to recommend products for at-home use and if I have what you need, I will gladly ship them to you!

Wait List

Bottom line, nothing can replace our time in the studio together.  But, these are all things you can do at-home until I’m able to see each of you again.  If you haven’t been able to get an appointment, be sure to get on my wait list.  If a spot opens up, I will contact you!