Wedding season is on the horizon!  Whether you are personally getting married, you’re the Mother of the Bride or Groom or you’re standing up in someone’s wedding, I recommend starting your wedding prep well in advance of the big day.  Here’s a few services to consider getting on the schedule for.

Hair Removal

If you want to be hair-free and smooth in all the right places for a wedding, I highly suggest starting the hair removal process weeks, even months, in advance.  (I have a few opening this month, click here to book.)  Sure, you could shave the day of, BUT when you shave you could get razer burn or in-grown hairs.  Plus, when you shave, you can often see the root of the hair in the pore, so the area doesn’t appear completely smooth or clear.  This is especially true if you have dark hair!

The better option is to let your hair grow out a bit, then schedule a sugaring appointment!  Most sugaring services last around 2 to 3 weeks before hair starts to reappear so if you do this a month or two in advance, then come in for a touch up service a week or two before the big day, you’ll have beautifully smooth skin for your event!  You also need time to prep for your sugaring appointment which is why it’s so important to book this service well ahead of your big day.  Here’s details on how to prep for your sugaring appointment.

Skin Care

There is only so much makeup can cover.  If you’re getting married and you’re struggling with some aspect of your skin, PLEASE get on the schedule as soon as possible so I can get to work.  Skin improvements don’t happen overnight.  In fact, it often takes months to see a noticeable improvement.

Improving your skin may require several in-studio treatments, plus a few weeks on the right at-home regime.  Even if you don’t have a few weeks or months at this point, with some adjustments, we may be able to make noticeable improvements before your event so contact me ASAP.


The finishing touch to any look is lashes.  If you’re part of a wedding, be sure to book a Lash Lift with me.  Lash lifts will help your eyes pop, look great in photos and will compliment your makeup application.

Prom and Other Big Events

Weddings aren’t the only thing we’re prepping for this time of year.  Prom season is also coming up as well as other big events that often take place in summer like graduation, baby showers and more.   Let me help you get ready for your next big event, you’ll thank me 20 years from now when you look flawless in the pictures 😉