When it’s time to book hair removal services, we recommend sugar instead of wax.  Sugaring is the preferred method for hair removal at Avila Skin Studio!  Waxing has been a popular solution for hair removal for years.  While many studios still offer it, when it came time for me to determine the hair removal services I would offer, I knew I wanted to go with sugaring vs. waxing.  Here’s why:

Sugaring paste does not contain harsh chemicals

Sugaring paste is mostly made with all natural ingredients like sugar, water and lemon juice.  The sugar I use in my studio does not contain any harsh chemicals. On the other hand, many waxes commonly used for professional use contain chemicals and other ingredients that can irritate or damage the skin.

Sugar will not damage your live skin cells

Unlike wax, sugaring paste can not adhere to your live skin skills.  This means it cannot take off more than it is supposed to.  It also means it can’t damage your skin.

Sugaring will not burn your skin

Wax must be heated before you can use it for hair removal.  Many times the wax can get too hot without the technician even realizing it.  Using hot wax for hair removal can easily result in an unwanted burn but sugaring is a hair removal process that doesn’t require heat.

Sugaring is more sanitary

A sugar ball can be used over and over again on the same client.  So, when I start a service with a client, I get a new supply of paste.  I use that same paste on the client throughout their service.  When you use wax for hair removal, there is one pot of wax that is used over and over again, client after client.  Although they aren’t supposed to, some technicians use the same stick to dip in to the wax pot and get more product to continue the service.  This provides an opportunity for bacteria and cross contamination.

Less in grown hairs

No one wants to deal with in-grown hairs!  With sugaring, hair is removed in the same direction your hair grows.  Waxing removes hair from the opposite direction.  By removing it in the same direction, you’ll see less breakage and less in-grown hairs.

Less mess

Last but certainly not least, have you ever left a waxing appointment with your hair sticking to the side of your face after getting your brows done?  I have and that won’t happen with sugaring.  Sugaring does not leave any sticky residue and washes off easily with water.

Better results

In my opinion, you should sugar instead of wax because it provides better results.  Hair removal done by sugaring typically lasts longer than if it were done by waxing.  You’ll also get smoother results!

Now that warmer weather is on the way, get your sugaring service booked!

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