Teen acne. Some parents may think of it as “just part of growing up” but if you’ve ever talked with your son or daughter about their teen acne, you may quickly learn it’s much more to them. Having acne can impact your teen’s confidence, social relationships and life in general if it is severe.

Teen Acne Before and After

For years, parents have told their kids that teen acne is caused by eating greasy foods, chocolate, and other things none of us should really be eating. The truth is, teen acne is caused by changing hormones and not following the proper skin care routine. At the time when most teens start experiencing acne, most of them have done nothing for their skin other than wash it with same bar of soap they wash their bodies with!

If you have a teen suffering from acne here are 5 things you can do to help them.

  1. Be Understanding

    If you never dealt with teen acne as a child you may not fully understand what your child is going through. If you did, this tip goes without saying! Regardless, if your teen comes to you with concerns about their skin, listen to them and be sympathetic. Depending on your teen’s personality having acne could really be affecting them.

  2. Educate Them about Teen Acne

    Offer to help them find a teen acne solution by educating them on what is happening with their body that is causing the acne in the first place. If they understand WHY it is happening to them, they may feel better about the situation. Then talk with them about getting into an at-home skin care routine.

  3. Take Your Teen to a Professional Esthetician

    Don’t go at this alone. I can help you educate your son or daughter on how to take care of their skin at home. I can also offer in-studio treatments to speed up the process of improving your teen’s acne. Lastly, I have some amazing products that you can use at home to help your teen clear up their acne quickly!

  4. Buy Teen Acne Prevention Products

    As mentioned above, I have great at-home products for your teen, but regardless of whether you get products from me or someone else, you need to help your child find the right products to use at home. Getting them on a regular skin care regime with good, highly skin care products will improve their acnee.

  5. Be Patient

    Teen acne can be stubborn. You may try a few things that don’t work. It may take some time to get your teen accustom to their new routine. Whatever, it may be, you have to be patient and give the products and your teen some time to adjust.

Teen acne can be a tough thing to deal with. Some teens don’t let it bother them, while others are greatly impacted by it. No matter how your teen handles it, the best thing you can do for them is educate them and help them find a solution. If I can be part of your solution, please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions, or click here to book your teen’s first treatment!

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