Are you looking in the mirror and noticing you’re breaking out?  Maybe your skin is looking red and dry?  If you’re shaking your head yes, your skin may be showing signs of too much holiday cheer!  Which means, we’ve got to get to work on repairing your skin after the holidays!

Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us, myself included.  If you’ve been living on a solid diet of Christmas cookies, it’s probably safe to say your body and your skin, are not getting the nutrients needed from your food for clear skin.  Add in extra cocktails plus being off schedule and/or slipping on your skin care routine and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

The quality of your skin is directly tied to your diet.  If you’re putting garbage in, you’re going to get garbage out, not only in the form of how your skin looks but also how you feel in general.  Again, no judging here, I love my cookies and cocktails, we’ve just got to buckle down, get back on track and start working on repairing your skin after the holidays!

Here’s how we’re going to do it.

5 Tips for Repairing Your Skin After the Holidays

Ditch the Treats

If you’ve got leftover cookies laying around, toss them!  The longer they hang out in your house, the more tempted you’ll be to grab one which will just prolong how long it takes to get your skin back on track.  The same goes for leftover chocolates, processed foods, or anything with a lot of sugar.

Focus on Healthy Foods

I’m not saying go on a diet.  I’m saying try to eat a balanced diet that includes healthy fats, essential fatty acids and leafy greens.  All those things are great for skin health and will make you feel better overall.

Trade Your Wine Glass for Your Water Bottle

Get hydrated and stay there. Alcohol can dehydrate you so if you’re still celebrating, make sure you’re adding in more water to prevent your body from becoming dehydrated.

Stick to Your Routine

If you’ve gotten off track with your skin regime because of the holiday hustle, it’s time to get back on it!  Make sure you’re cleansing, applying SPF, serum and moisturizer, in the morning and at night, daily.


It’s also a good idea to do some gentle exfoliation to help your skin cells start to turn over and repair themselves.  If you got sugared just before the holiday and you’re noticing ingrown hairs, exfoliating will help with this too!

I Can Help

Even though I’m booking a few months out for in-studio treatments, we can get started on repairing your skin after the holidays by making sure your at-home regime is in shape.   I’m more than happy to do a phone or video consult to go over what you’re using at home and recommend changes if needed.  If you’re running low on product, you can pick up what you need in my studio.  Then, schedule an appointment during my next available slot, so I can do an in-studio treatment and check in on your progress.

Last, but certainly not least be patient.  Skin is a funny thing.  It doesn’t just correct itself overnight if you start doing all the things I suggested immediately.  It can take days, even weeks to see a noticeable improvement.  Stay consistent with your skin care regime and be prepared to make adjustments if the quality of your skin isn’t improving as you like. But don’t change too soon!  Give your products and lifestyle changes time to have an impact.

Contact me with questions!