Summer is finally here, which means it’s time to add products to your routine that are good for summer skin care! Your skin care routine should always include the basics; cleansing, appropriate exfoliation, and moisturizing. If you are a regular client of mine, we most likely have you on a customized skin care regime that includes products best suited for your skin type and problem areas. I also work with my clients to tailor their skin care products based on the season. Here are some of the products I’m talking to my clients about for the summer!


Suntegrity Sunscreen at Avila Skin Studio
If you’ve worked with me you know I PUSH the use of sunscreen, not only in the summer months but all year long. Using sun screen is a critical component in preventing premature aging, wrinkles, sun spots and God forbid, skin cancer. I carry an organic sunscreen from Suntegrity that is slightly tinted to give you a little bit of coverage but it is also a moisturizer, hydrator, protector, primer and cover up. It’s basically 5 products in one SPF 30 sunscreen!

Exfoliating Cleanser

An exfoliating cleanser is a great way to get your cleansing and exfoliation done in one shot. The trick is you don’t want to over exfoliate so using the right product when it comes to this step is important. I suggest Le Mieux exfoliating cleanser. It is a foaming cleanser that will leave you feeling nice and clean. It has light exfoliation properties to it so you don’t have to worry about too much exfoliation when you’re using it as directed. This product is specifically formulated for combination skin and oily, blemish-prone skin.


During the summer when it’s hot, it is easy to get clogged pores which lead to blemishes. With that said I recommend you have a good cleanser as a part of your summer skin care routine! I recommend the Phyto Nutrient Gel Cleanser! It smells fresh but removes dirt debris and makeup nicely for the summertime.

Body MoisturizerPure Fiji Line

Of course I talk a lot of summer skin care for your face, but don’t forget to change up your summer skin care routine for your body as a whole. Make sure you are moisturizing! I carry an AMAZING body care line called Pure Fiji. The the amazing noni plant has been used by South Pacific Islanders as a source of medicine for over 2000 years. Different parts of the plants are used as powerful ingredients in health and skin care. Noni fruit, Noni leaf hydrosols and Noni seed oil are used in Pure Fiji’s range of Noni rejuvenating products and they smell HEAVENLY!
Do you have questions about which products you should be using? Contact me!