What is Sugaring for hair removal?

Sugaring is a form of hair removal that has been around since the ancient Egyptian times. Sugaring lasts approximately as long or longer than waxing. If you have ever done waxing, then sugaring is slightly similar, although opposite!   When waxing,  you’re removing hair in the opposite direction of hair growth so the hair has to do a backbend of sorts to get out. It’s more painful on you because it’s removing the hair in the opposite direction of the growth so it is more painful to the hair follicle itself as well as pulling on the skin.  Removing wax in the opposite direction of growth can also result in breaking the hair off instead of removing it from the root.   Wax sticks to the skin, so when it is removed you are not only removing the hair, but you are pulling on the skin. Finally, Wax is also hot.  OUCH!

With sugaring, the sugar paste is removed in the direction of hair growth so it’s much gentler on the hair follicle and more efficient at actually removing the hair by the root.  The sugar does not stick to the skin as much as wax, and finally it’s done room temperature so there’s no way that I can burn you. YAY!

Sugaring for hair removal is an absolutely fabulous way to remove hair.  Your hair grows at different rates in the growth cycle and everyone’s hair grows at a different speed.  For most part, sugaring can last longer because of the removal method.

As far as contraindications, they are as follows:  if you’re currently using a strong retinol, retin-a, or a harsh acid.  If you have recently within the last 2 weeks had a peel or microdermabrasion or any strong exfoliation treatment; and lastly, if you are on any kind of medication for acne or any medication that thins the skin.  Also, if you are under a doctor’s care actively for any reason, you will want to check with your Dr. and have him/her provide a doctor’s note stating that all is well.

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