When seasons change, I recommend you assess your skin care regime and goals.  As the weather changes, we should talk about adjusting your skin care regime.  The products you use for summer skin care, might not be the best fit for your fall skin care routine.

Fall is also the perfect time to start working on skin care concerns that are tough to address in the summer months.  For example, if you’ve got sunspots you want to improve, fall is the perfect time to start focusing on them.  Since you won’t be out in the sun as much, we can incorporate treatments and products that start improving sunspots that may have appeared or darkened over the summer months.

This year, not only are we looking at changing things up for fall BUT we also need to think about  the impact COVID is having on our skin.  Clients who have never experienced acne are suffering from breakouts as a result of mask wearing.  So unfortunately, even though we’re starting to get back to some level of normalcy, maskne still continues to be an issue for many of my clients.

As you know, in-studio treatments should also be a big part of your fall skin care routine.  I LOVE me some chemical peels in the fall.  However, I’m booking a few months out at this point, so if you can’t get in to the studio right away, I want to give you some things you can do at-home to make sure your fall skin care regime is in good shape AND you’re taking the necessary steps to prevent maskne.  Remember, fall skin care during COVID may need to look different than your fall skin care routine from previous years.  So, with that said, even if I can’t see you for a treatment, I can still help you get the right products for at-home use!

Here’s 5 Things To Do NOW to Adjust Your Fall Skin Care During COVID

Product Consult

Contact me to schedule a product consult.  Even if I can’t see you in the studio right away, we can do a phone call or a video chat.  We can go over the products you’re using, discuss any issues you’re having and I can make recommendations on which products you might want to start incorporating in your routine.  If you have a skin care concern you want to start working on, like maskne or sun damage, mention that too!  I can get you on my schedule for my next available appointment and in the meantime, we can get you started with the right at-home products.


I’m seeing A LOT of dehydrated skin and it’s not dehydrated because it needs moisturizer.  I’m finding it is dehydrated because my clients aren’t drinking enough water!  Hydrated skin starts from within, so make sure you’re keeping up with your water in-take and using the proper moisturizer.  Remember, your water intake shouldn’t be dependent on the temperature outside.  Whether it’s 100 or 70, you still need to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water each day.  So, if you weigh 140 lbs., you should drink AT LEAST 70 oz of water per day at the bare minimum. Here’s a calculator to help.    


Speaking of moisturizer, it may be time to adjust what you’re using.  Over the summer, you may have opted for a lightweight moisturizer to avoid clogging your pores, etc. Before you know it, our heaters will be kicking on and you may need to move to richer moisturizer.  So if you have questions about what moisturizer you should be using this fall, let’s figure it out!


You need to continue wearing SPF!  A lot of people make the mistake of thinking they only need SPF in the summer, but that’s not the case.  You should wear SPF on your face year-round to provide maximum protection against sunspots and premature aging.  If reversing sun damage is one of your skin care goals this fall, using the right SPF is going to be huge.  I’m not suggesting you put your Hawaiian Tropic lotion every day.  There are a lot of ways to incorporate SPF into your daily skin care routine using moisturizers with built SPF, CC creams and more. Again, let’s talk about how we can get SPF in to your skin care regime, if it’s not already there.


Look at your exfoliating routine.  Yes, exfoliating will help remove dry, dead skin cells and may help if you’re dealing with some unwanted maskne, but too much exfoliation could irritate your skin and cause red, dry skin. During the fall and in to winter, we should talk about adjusting your at-home exfoliating routine.

Again, even if you don’t have an appointment for a few weeks, let’s talk!  I’m happy to do a product consult, help you adjust your regime and get your fall skin care during COVID, in shape!  You’re going to blink and the holidays will be here, so just remember, fall is the perfect time to clean up your skin care sins from summer and get to work on picture perfect skin before the holidays!